Caspian Vinyl

Caspian Vinyl System Control (VSC & VSC2)

The VSC and VSC2 combine the RPM speed control and the RPP reference phono stage in a one box solution.

It is available with either one or two (VSC2) DS1.5 power modules.


  • Swatch of Black finish
  • Swatch of Silver finish


For ultimate convenience and a fully comprehensive solution for getting the best performance from your Xerxes Turntable, the VSC and VSC2 units combine both a RPM speed control and RPP phono stage in a single chassis.

The VSC also powers the Xerxes Turntable, it has one reference DS1.5 linear power supply for both RPM and RPP sections and the VSC2 has two DS1.5 power supplies, one dedicated to each section.

(The VSC can be upgraded to VSC2 specification as an after-purchase option)


Key Features

  • Available in two versions: VSC with a single DS1.5 PSU module or VSC2 with twin DS1.5 PSU modules
  • Ultimate control and convenience for the Xerxes Turntable in one box
  • Combines reference MM/MC phono stage with reference speed control
  • VSC is upgradeable to VSC S2

Power Supply

VSC — DS1.5 x 1
VSC2 — DS1.5 x 2

Output Voltage (RPM)

16 V RMS (33 and 45 RPM)

Phase (RPM)

0 degrees and 90 degrees

DC Offset (RPM)

<10 mV

Harmonic Distortion (RPM)

<0.1 %

Output Impedance (RPM)

<0.1 ohms

Gain Settings (RPP)

MM: 40.6 dB @ 1 kHz
MC1: 56 dB @ 1 kHz
MC2: 65.5 dB @ 1 kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio (RPP)

MM: >89dB (ref. 5.0 mV)
MC1: >79dB (ref. 5.0 mV)
MC2: >70 dB (ref. 5.0 mV)

Harmonic Distortion (RPP)

<0.01 %

Overload Margin (RPP)

26 dB all settings

Output Impedance (RPP)

< 50 ohms