Sound Advice take a close look at our flagship Xerxes 20 Plus Turntable

Date: 8th June 2023 Posted in: Reviews | Awards

What the Roksan does is a quiet form of magic.

Sound Advice expert Ed Selley heaps high praise on our award-winning Xerxes 20 Plus Turntable in his latest review, highlighting its history, design and sound, alongside the Caspian Vinyl System Control (VSC2) electronics that accompany it.


"Don't think of the Xerxes as a mature design, it's more a case of a perfectly evolved one…"

Talking about the sound quality, whilst listening to the likes of Kings of Leon and Peter Gabriel, Ed says “all of this technical ability simply melts into a wider perception that the Xerxes lets music happen in the most outstandingly natural and unforced manner”, adding “It goes to great lengths to never be the story and instead let the character, emotion and energy of your records shine through”.

When commenting on the combination with the “well made and finished” VSC2, Ed states “the Roksan is every bit as user friendly as a starter turntable” and in conclusion it “delivers a musical performance that is exceptionally satisfying to listen to and live with”.


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