Attessa Turntable Special Edition


A new spin on a classic

Classics are classics for good reason. People who enjoy playing music on vinyl understand that. The beauty is in the detail, the process, the result. Befitting its modern classic status, the Roksan Attessa Turntable is now also available in two thoroughly contemporary special-edition finishes - Heritage Green and Pale Grey.



Digitally controlled electronic speed control

Maintaining accurate speed ensures optimal performance. That’s why each Attessa Turntable Special Edition is equipped with a digitally controlled electronic speed control, capable of maintaining accuracy down to the millisecond.


High mass platter


Vinyl requires a solid, perfectly flat platform to perform optimally. That’s true of the chassis, but also of the platter upon which the LP rests. The Attessa Turntable Special Edition is supplied with a high-mass, solid-glass platter, which provides a highly stable platform.


Composite construction Unipivot Tonearm

When it comes to vinyl, friction is the enemy of great sound. To combat this, the Attessa Turntable Special Edition is equipped with a vibration-busting Unipivot tone arm, which reduces contact and potential vibrations.


Built in Moving Magnet switchable phono stage

The Attessa Turntable Special Edition boasts a built-in Moving Magnet phono stage, allowing it to be partnered with amplifiers and active speakers that don’t feature one. However, if you want to use a dedicated external phono stage or an amplifier with one built in, a simple flick of a switch allows you to by-pass the internal phono stage. Your sound, your way.

Xerxes inspired chassis design

The Roksan Xerxes is a titan among turntables. That’s why when we were designing the Attessa Turntable Special Edition’s chassis we took inspiration from its legendary sibling. The all-important isolation feet are also inspired by Xerxes, separating the turntable from any unwanted vibrations to deliver pristine acoustic performance.

Where to buy your Attessa Turntable Special Edition

Exclusively at Richer Sounds