Introducing the SARA Tonearm

Date: 29th April 2019 Posted in: Product News | History

Reveal a new level of detail and musical enjoyment from your vinyl collection with the SARA Tonearm



Roksan has long been admired and respected for its ground breaking turntables and tonearms, many of which are industry ‘icons’. The new SARA Tonearm is set to build on Roksan’s reputation with its performance, ease of use and radical design. With demand for high performance vinyl replay continuing to rise, the SARA Tonearm will introduce new customers too and continue to offer existing customers Roksan’s superb build quality, performance and value.


The best quality components and materials are used in the SARA Tonearm’s construction. The design utilises a jewel ‘seat’ and a tungsten carbide pin unipivot. Separate to the main counterweight, the azimuth can be more easily and accurately adjusted for optimum performance. The SARA Tonearm also uses high-quality silver-plated OFC internal wiring and together with Roksan’s own HDC external cabling delivers a neutral, highly detailed musical performance with realistic dynamics.


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