Albums of the Month - April 2024

Date: 26th April 2024 Posted in: Company News and Events

Our top picks of the latest albums to listen to every month, from pop to rap to rock. Our top choices this month will be a great addition to anyone’s record collection.

We have picked out our favourite songs from the albums below. Check out our April Songs of the Month playlist.

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Feeder | Townsend Music Limited - Big Teeth Music

Black/Red is the twelfth studio album by Welsh rock band Feeder. A sprawling double album, it completes a trilogy that began with its predecessor, 2022's Torpedo. Lead Grant Nicholas described the double album as "almost like a musical production with an interval." With a mix of slowly building synths, rumbling, distorted guitars and punk-esque sounds from their past, the band have perfected their sound. Effortlessly anthemic, the veteran rockers emerge with their reputations enhanced with this ambitious release, which is full of energy and class.

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This Could Be Texas

English Teacher | Universal-Island Records Ltd.

On their accomplished debut album, British indie group English Teacher are adventurous and more importantly, original. A group just getting started, English Teacher are both fun, and sometimes a little strange, but bring exceptional lyricism, disorienting style changes and complex rhythms. Captivating but sometimes depressing, This Could Be Texas is expressive, enigmatic and intense. Fans will no doubt look forward to hear what else the Leeds quartet have up their sleeve.

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A La Sala

Khruangbin | Dead Oceans

Musical trio Khruangbin introduce A La Sala, their fifth studio album. The album title translates "To the Room" with bassist Laura Lee saying "'A La Sala,’ I used to scream it around my house when I was a little girl, to get everybody in the living room; to get my family together”. Blending soul, dub, and rock, it’s more of the same from the Texas trio, but that's a good thing. Well crafted, focused and elegant, it’s a smooth listen from start to finish. With everything going on in the world, it’s an ethereal sound that provides a much needed break.

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Don’t Forget Me

Maggie Rogers | Capitol Records

Singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers returns for Don’t Forget Me, her dynamic third studio album. Rogers’ career has had a steady growth trajectory and has come a long way since leaving Pharrell Williams speechless during a songwriting masterclass in 2016. Rogers’ seems more at home with the music that shaped her upbringing, saying “I’ve been writing songs now for 15 years, and so I think I’ve just come into this place where I really trust my process and my craft”. A very well-executed record, both poignant and vulnerable - it’s a real experience.

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Ohio Players

The Black Keys | Nonesuch

On their funky twelfth studio album, American rock duo the Black Keys show us first-hand how they are continuously evolving, and whilst it’s not unfamiliar, it’s certainly a step in a different direction. With their exhilarating pop-rock sound, which is full of enthusiasm, Ohio Players is reminiscent of 60's pop, featuring groovy beats, with a real variety that keeps you guessing. Whilst their new sound doesn’t sit in a particular genre, and despite it being labelled as more radio friendly than their previous records, you have to admire their longevity.

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