Attessa Streaming Amplifier wins Editor's Choice award

Date: 13th October 2023 Posted in: Reviews | Awards

"A top-quality, modern hi-fi system"

The Attessa Streaming Amplifier earns a HIFI.DE Editors' Choice Award, without any ifs and buts.


"The best of both worlds"

"In terms of sound and with its cool design, the Attessa is an absolutely harmonious continuation of the Roksan history", with HIFI.DE adding that the Streaming Amplifier is "as idiosyncratic as it is audiophile".

"The unmistakable style of the English cult brand meets rock-solid everyday features."

In summary, when talking about Roksan joining the BluOS family, HIFI.DE concluded with "This makes the Attessa a perfect starting point for a top-quality, modern hi-fi system that gives you absolute freedom in your choice of speakers."

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