Attessa Streaming Amplifier wins Best Value award

Date: 17th October 2023 Posted in: Reviews | Awards

"A superb package for the money"

Andrew Simpson reviews the Attessa Streaming Amplifier, which earns an Audiograde Best Value award, for its levels of energy, dynamics and scale.


"the Roksan seems to revel in the task"

When discussing usability, Andrew said "The front panel is just as intuitive to use, with select controls and a large rotary volume dial with corresponding orange lights, highlighting current output level via a row of orange bars within the backlight screen."

Discussing the performance and in particular the timing, he added "the amp delivers each note with unfailing energy and depth that’s impressive."

Andrew stated that the Attessa Streaming Amplifier is ideal for "those wanting a 'do everything' integrated package, with greater dynamics that rivals most" giving it a Best Value award, summarising it's "as fresh as morning sunshine, with the right balance of life and detail but without sounding overly analytical."


Update: 1st December 2023 - Named in Audiograde's 'Best Of 2023' list.


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