Attessa Streaming Amplifier wins Best Buy award

Date: 17th January 2024 Posted in: Reviews | Awards

"Impeccable clarity"

Chris Kelly, from The Ear, reviews the Attessa Streaming Amplifier, which earns a Best Buy award, stating "the sound was simply so good that I forgot to stop to eat or drink anything for hours on end."


"The sound was rich and full of detail"

Upon listening to the likes of Eva Cassidy and Rodrigo y Gabriela, Chris said the Attessa Streakng Amplifier was "genre agnostic", treating all types of music, from jazz to folk, "with impeccable timing and tonal purity".

With the phono-stage selected and nothing playing he added "the Attessa passed the ear to the speaker test with flying colours. No hint of buzz, hum or any other unsolicited extraneous noise was to be heard."

Commenting on the performance "the soundstage had height, width and depth, the low frequencies were full and tuneful, with a wonderfully realistic midrange and finely etched high frequencies all combing."

Chris summarised "you will most certainly get a lot of well-thought through technology for your money" giving it a Best Buy award, adding "I enjoyed my time with the Roksan Attessa immensely and I have no hesitation in recommending that if you are in the market for do-it-all device".


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