Albums of the Month - February 2024

Date: 23rd February 2024 Posted in: Company News and Events

Our top picks of the latest albums to listen to every month, from pop to rap to rock. Our top choices this month will be a great addition to anyone’s record collection.

We have picked out our favourite songs from the albums below. Check out our February Songs of the Month playlist.

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Orgōne | 3 Palm Records

A record full of psychedelic Afro-soul, Chimera is the latest album from West Coast band Orgōne. Influenced by rock band Santana, Orgone is an 8-piece driven by Dan Hastie and Sergio Rios. The LA-based outfit have a reputation as one of the tightest bands of the modern era, and have embarked on a successful world tour, but are back in California for their electrifying, entrancing and hypnotic seventh album. Take a trip through a dream-like odyssey for this immersive experience that exceeds all expectations.

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She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She

Chelsea Wolfe | Loma Vista Recordings

She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She is the well executed seventh studio by American musician Chelsea Wolfe. The electronica album blends trip hop and gothic rock, with Wolfe citing Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails, as influences for her latest record. With a different vibe from her earlier work, her latest album addresses the way in which personal growth can be informed by our future, past, and present selves communicating with each other. As innovative as always, Wolfe is vulnerable and louder than ever.

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Idles | Partisan Records

TANGK is the explosive fifth studio album by British rock band Idles. Although not something you would associate the Bristolian band with, it’s softer than their previous work. In a radical shift of mood - gratitude, love and empathy are a theme throughout, mixed with internal anger. Thanks to Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, there is far more depth and conviction. Frontman Joe Talbot states “this is our album of beauty and power”. At the fifth time of asking, Idles do not disappoint. Simply genius.

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Vera Sola | City Slang

Peacemaker is the second studio album by American-Canadian singer-songwriter Vera Sola. With comparisons to Nancy Sinatra, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, multi-instrumentalist Sola shines on the follow up to her debut album Shades. Influenced by New World Symphony, her latest record is a dramatic shift from her first recordings, with Sola’s unique voice front and centre. Orchestral and bold, with fine detail, its written, performed and produced entirely alone.

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Harm’s Way

Ducks Ltd. | Carpark

Canadian indie rockers Ducks Ltd return for their second studio album Harm’s Way. With dark subject matter, McGreevy says the songs are “about watching people I care for suffer, and trying to figure out how to be there for them. And about the strain of living in the world when it feels like it's ready to collapse.” The Toronto duo of Tom McGreevy and Evan Lewis stick to the blueprint of their infectious grooves, with sticky melodies and swagger, across just nine soaring tracks. Their sophomore album is a triumph.

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