Sound Advice review our Attessa Streaming Amplifier

Date: 4th November 2022 Posted in: Reviews

A seriously accomplished audio system.

Expert reviewer Ed Selley, at Sound Advice, recently sat down with our Attessa Streaming Amplifier and Monitor Audio's 50th Anniversary Silver 100 Limited Edition speakers.


Building on his previous review, where he stated “Attessa should be seen as demonstration of how to build a modern hi-fi product”, he commented further on the Attessa Streaming Amplifier, stating “Put simply, it’s brilliant."

Talking about the Silver 100 Limited Edition speakers, Ed says "it adds a sparkle to the performance that lifts the combination to something more than the sum of its parts." Adding “Like everything I have ever tested from Monitor Audio, it is also immaculately built and finished too."

In summary “Both of these items are strong performers on their own but in combination they’re hugely talented".

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